My Promise
To The Citizens of Allegheny County

I promise to decide cases fairly and impartially, free from political influence, intimidation or bias.
To ensure that both sides to any dispute get a fair opportunity and that justice is meted out based on rule of law, guided by a devotion to humanity and nothing more.
To constantly strive for positive contribution to an increased confidence in our judiciary.

To be proactive in addressing the issues negatively impacting our communities.
To lead a change in philosophy and culture regarding how justice is administered.
To be thoughtful.
To hold those deserving accountable.
To be accountable to those I serve.
To be an example for my two daughters, that they can accomplish anything through hard work and caring about people.
To honor my family who has sacrificed greatly to allow me this opportunity.
To work with a singular professional focus of making our community a better place for all.

Giuseppe Rosselli

Giuseppe is a practicing criminal Defense Attorney in Allegheny County, the surrounding counties of Western Pennsylvania and the Federal Courts in the Western District of Pennsylvania. He has a reputation as a fierce advocate for the Constitution and for those who trust him with their freedom. He has had a front row seat to our criminal justice system for the past 20 years. He is motivated to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the confidence in the judiciary and a more thoughtful and compassionate administration of justice moving forward.

ACBA Recommendation

Transparency is a core component to my campaign. As such, I’ve included my application that I submitted to the Allegheny County Bar Association that they considered for recommendation.

I am proud of this application, as it is a culmination of a 20-year career and a lifetime of caring for people.

Opportunity Court

A judge should possess a strong curiosity to understand the underlying cause to any conflict, dispute or crime and possess a devotion to creative alternative resolution. In the Criminal Division, specialty courts like Mental Health Court, DUI Court, Veteran’s Court and Drug Court embrace this concept of obtaining a better understanding of the contributing causes to criminal behavior and a hands-on working relationship between the bench and the accused.
The Judges in the Criminal Division have done a good job at identifying some of the underlying causes of criminal behavior. However, I believe we have failed to address the lack of opportunity and a lack of a social infrastructure as significant contributing causes of criminal behavior.

A Campaign Run on Heart

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”-Albert Einstein

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